Yesterday at church there were SO MANY CUCUMBERS being given away!! And I love cucumbers so I brought home a BUNCH! :-D

I wasn't sure about cucumbers for breakfast though so I stuck with my usual: banana-vanilla-peanut butter-oatmeal. ;-)

But by lunch time I was ready for cucumber! So I made a chapati (Indian flatbread: basically just ww flour + water) . . .

. . . and drowned it in garlic, yogurt, and cucumbers!

more veg + peanut butter (!!) on the side. :-)

It's hot today but there's a nice mist since it rained last night and it's a great day to hike to the lakes! Audrianne and Micaiah have been working on making the trail a little bit better (and less spidery!! :-O) today.

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