Cucumber Gazpacho and a Bit of Quilting

More cucumbers . . . only this time in a chilled cucumber soup! I'll post the recipe soon!

Then off to quilting class! Audge still has quite a bit left on her quilt but I think she'll be able to finish it before the end of the summer.

Tuesday means that Mary and I drive to . . . STARBUCKS!! And of course bring back drinks for Audge and Jo ;-)

And because we both decided to wear purple . . . picture!

Today's drink: tall javachip frap with whip + 1 pump raspberry and 1 pump toffee

Tonight we had dinner at a friends house with Raspberry Sundaes for dessert!! ;-) I splurged! (Although it was a pile of fruit with a taste of ice cream on the bottom.) But it was GOOD! We had such a sweet time though.

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