3 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet When You're Busy

This post applies to me as well! I've been so busy moving lately we've just been snacking and snacking, the past few nights we've gotten back into the routine of having a meal for dinner together! Ha! What's so special about that? Camp, moving, traveling . . . . we were all in the the minivan together last weekend for the first time in almost a month!! Things were crazy and it's so nice to say that our kitchen is officially set up and that tonight was our third home-cooked dinner together in the new house! ;-) This is fun, but the snacking I've been doing while unpacking is not. :-) So hopefully I'll remember these tips in the days to come.

1. Plan Ahead
Yes, you can take the extra three or so minutes to do this even when you're busy! Sit down, the night before (or if you're one of those people who thrive on being super-organized, a habit which is so completely foreign to me ;-) then you can do it several days ahead) and jot down what you plan to eat tomorrow. (If you're worried about the cals, go ahead and count them, but I just get a general idea in my head and leave it at that.)

2. Be Extra-Careful to Check Your 'Evening Cravings'
You probably know that it's unhealthy to eat anything several hours before you go to bed (metabolism, etc.). It's not hard to go the entire day without snacking in between meals, but it's very to go several hours before bed without eating. We usually eat dinner around 6, and by 8ish my mind is telling me that I want ice cream, a cookie, hot chocolate, etc. When this happens I drink hot tea. This really does work! (Make sure you don't sweeten it though because that sorta defeats the purpose! eew . . . I can't stand sweetened tea anyway. :-P )

3.  Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal
Breakfast is not only my favorite meal, but it's also the most important! If you make it your biggest meal, it will give your metabolism the kick it needs to keep going the rest of the day! Make sure it's full of whole grains that will sustain you throughout the day! My favorite 'energy-full' breakfast is Oatmeal Pancakes, but they do take a few minutes to make and clean up so I usually go with oatmeal or overnight oats. If you go with oatmeal anything though you're on the right track! ;-)

So now I'm going to keep going through my evening doing my best to ignore the peppermint cookie picture in this post. ;-P

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I am a believer in snacking! ;-) You really 'need' to snack to keep your metabolism going. Just make sure you go for the vegetables (paired with protein and healthy fat) and NOT the box of cookies. ;-)


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