Back in Hville

What happens when three sisters who haven't been together for about fifteen days get back together?

 - Starbucks -

Drinks include:
- Grande Toffee Mocha Frappucino
- Tall Caramel Macchiato
- Tall Double-Shot, Half-sweet, Cinnamon Dolce Cappucino

What is the one thing on Dad's mind when he gets back to downtown Hville?

- Thai -

Another reason we came back to Hville?

- Whitewater Rafting -

. . . . on the French Broad

It was cold, wet (like duh), and windy . . . . but we had a blast anyway. ;-)

And what did I do today?

- Quilt -

. . . . from 9:30-4:30 . . . .
Long time??! Yeah. :-)
Our church has two 'quiltathons' a year. Basically all the ladies in our church who want to get together for the day and make quilts for Shepherd's Gate.

One crazy, random quilt. We almost finished four quilts today!!!!

And while I sewed I sampled different Stash teas.

- Morocan Mint Green Tea -

I liked this but it was a little too 'minty' if you know what I mean. ;-)

And in the middle of August I enjoyed:
- White Christmas -
Also a mint tea but I liked it a lot better.

And a sweet friend brought us muffins!!!!! So good!

Since Saturday we've been with my Dad's parents but now Caroline and I are with my Mom's parents. I've been super busy but it's so great to be back in the bloggin' world!! ;-)
Hopefully I'll be able to cook tomorrow! I've missed that the most probably.

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