A 'Get-Away' Day in the Midst of a Crazy Move

Today was busy but fun. Breakfast started with the rest of the Banana Oatmeal Pancakes, plus tofu scramble and cinnamon raisin kale chips, PB, honey, and of course yogurt.

We were out of Pike Place (!!) so we made Starbucks trip #1.

This morning's drink = Doppio + vanilla bean mini-scone

 Emmaline's drink = Hot chocolate + 1 pump raspberry
Starlight enjoyed the trip into town too I think. ;-)

And then yay! . . . I got to spend several hours with a close friend, Jeanne H.

We practiced our art-work on batik scraps . . . 

. . . began work on a hand-bag. I'm using the pattern she made up and her bags are absolutely beautiful!

And by that time we were hungry . . . . ;-)

We had grilled chicken wraps with tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden (many of which I brought home with me!!) . . .

. . . lettuce which she's able to grow in her house (I'm still trying to figure that one out!!) . . .

. . . feta and Greek yogurt . . .
Caribou's House on the side . . .

So good!

And dessert . . . dark chocolate cherry chunk oatmeal cookies . . . 

served with key lime pie ice-cream. I had never had this flavor before and I loved it! The citrus balanced nicely with the sweetness.

We enjoyed our meal while Murphy begged, whined, and did some gymnastics for scraps.

. . . And moved so quickly I couldn't even get a clear snap!

We had so much fun that it was time for me to be at lessons before I knew it!

And today was the last lesson with Jared and Judson. *cry!!*

. . . And getting a good picture was a problem because we were having more fun being silly. ;-) . . .

They have been such great students (they practice a lot!) and I'm really going to miss them.

And because of my treat receipt, we were able to have Starbucks trip #2 . . .

This evening's drink = grande raspberry javachip frap + 1 pump raspberry, split . . . all for only $2! I love treat-receipt month!! ;-D

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