I love it at Gramma's house. It's really more like a vacation.
Today she went to work and Caroline and I woke up around 8ish.

I wasn't allowed to take a walk on the road due to several recent black bear sightings ;-), so I had to walk on the treadmill. Ugg. . . . it was so boring!! lol

After a short workout I made a big bowl of granola. fruit, and yogurt.


Greek Yogurt:
I prefer Stonyfield but this was not bad.


Filled up with milk and topped with almond butter (one of my favorites!)

Caribou House on the side

Then I watched House Crashers with Caroline and worked around the house until lunch time.
I made some pumpkin hummus but we were out of onions and garlic so it wasn't the best hummus I've ever made so I probably won't post the recipe.

Whole Wheat Flatbread
Light Pumpkin Hummus
Dijon Mustard
Whole Wheat Flatbread

The afternoon was spend at the camp practicing with Brilliante.
After a few hours of rehearsing, we went out for coffee at Cool Beans. ;-)

Excuse for a frappucino ;-)

Lindsey and Taylor got to come up and stay here for the night. They were here by dinner time and we had grilled veggie pizza!!

I tried to make a whole wheat pizza crust but we were out of whole wheat flour so I substituted with whole grain pancake mix. :-O It sufficed I suppose but there was whole cornmeal in the mix and I didn't like that part at all. :-P

I also tried Mama Pea's grilled watermelon in salad and sorry, I didn't like it. It may have to be something to develop a taste for though.

The blueberry vinaigrette was good though!
(blueberries in the microwave + vinegar + basil + olive oil)

Fresh watermelon for dessert though!!


  1. Haha, pancake mix pizza crust. Once me and Aubrey got up after a sleepover and were dismayed to find that there was not enough pancake mix. We had to combine 2 different pancake mixes and cornmeal together. Yeah, that didn't work. :-)

  2. There was already cornmeal in the crust! I'd previously never heard of that before. It was very crumbly and dry. I miss the KitchenAid that's at home in Raleigh now. :-(


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