We're packed! The moving truck is packed thanks to the church members who generously gave their time and energy to us today.

(Doesn't seem to mind the boxes on his lap due to the fact that he's glued to the iphone game. ;-) ) 

And thank you to Joyce A. who provided a wonderful spread for our workers. (I had a piece of watermelon but I knew I was going out for lunch later.) 

Audrianne and I packed/cleaned all day yesterday and all morning today but then we went to quilting. Both of our quilts will go to the quilter tomorrow. We're both just so excited to get them finished!

Sarah got to come down with her sisters today and I was so glad I got to see her before they go back to school! So she and Mary and I (who really only had about 30 min. work left on our quilts) skipped most of quilting and went out for Thai. ;-)

But after we came back and worked a little we got Audge and Jo and we all had an outing at Starbucks. ;-D 

Today's drink = Tall espresso-based chai latte frappuccino

We had fun and Audge we laughed really hard for a long time about the smallest things. (What else do you expect when five girls get together and have an espresso kick??!)

Today was goodbye for a few months. :'( . . . . We leave for Raleigh and they leave for Vandy

I'm going to miss you guys!

And now I really do need to get some sleep because we're trying to leave really early tomorrow and start unpacking by noon! Five hour trip . . . *yawn*.

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