Blog of the Month: September

Once every so often in the blogging world, you find a blog you love. :-) The pictures are crystal clear and everything is just so attractive! The reason I love this blog is:

1. Aran: She's from the Basque country of France, where I hope to spend next summer.


2. Her Photographs: She's so creative and I love her kitchen props!


She's a food stylist :-)

3. Her Book: Canelle et Vanille which will be available in fall of 2012.

(No picture available yet!)

4. Her Recipes: (Almost all gluten free) Amazing baked goods, "savories", etc. Definitely check out this page!

(Makes me wish I blogged with a better camera :-) . . . presentation is SO important!)

Check out Cannelle et Vanille today!

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