Happy Birthday Papa Joe

Gramma + PapaJoe came to visit us for the weekend!!!! I took a two-day break from blogging as you might have noticed. ;-) We had a lot of fun with them. When Papa visits certain things magically get fixed. :-) New shower head, dresser drawers are able to go back into dresser, etc. Plus they brought our swing and set it up in the yard!!

I started my new job on Thursday. I enjoy it at the bakery, but it's a lot of work. You get to meet a lot of fun people though because it's a popular hangout for locals. I worked most of yesterday too. Being a waitress = being on your feet not sitting down your entire shift.

But anyway, after church today we went out to SweetTomatoes to celebrate Papa's 70th(!!) birthday. We all love this place and I love the huge selection of fresh salads. ;-) We enjoyed eating at this restaurant when we were visiting places that had one (Florida, Oregon, etc.) But we didn't have one near Hville, so it's a huge treat to have one near us now.

I had a big spinach-based salad with fruit and sunflower seeds.

Micaiah: "This is the best place I've ever been to." Their pastas are amazing too. And I love their mac-n'-cheese!

Nope, it's not all organic, but everything is really, really fresh and made-right-in-front-of-you. I like their selection of whole grain Indian bread and fruit-filled bran oat muffins.

And tapioca :-) 

This is no-fat yogurt so it's good-for-you, right? o_O lol

I had chocolate yogurt for dessert with an orange slice topped with almond granola.

Unfortunately my grandparents had to travel back to western NC soon afterward, so now we're back home. I stopped at Michaels and bought more stuff for my room:

I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of September.

I also bought some canvases so that I can [pretend I know how to] paint. ;-P Haha, let's see how this goes.

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