Blog of the Month: October

It took me awhile to decide which blog to write about this month. I sort of wanted to find something new, but in the end I decided it would be better to write about a blog I read regularly, and this definitely qualifies. :-)

- This is where I find some of my ideas for recipes, healthy tips, etc. -
- Kath started blogging in 2006, on a weight loss journey. -

- In 2008 she went back to school at Winthrop University, SC, to become a Registered Dentition. -
- Kath and her husband Matt recently moved to Charlottesville, VA to open a Great Harvest bakery. -
- On her blog she records the healthy meals she prepares and eats, exercise, etc. -

- Kath writes for health magazines and websites. -

Kath went from 5 followers, to almost 50,000 comments on opensky plus 15,000 who read her blog daily.

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