Dinner Tonight: Ginger Carrot Egg-Rolls with Zesty Lime Soy Sauce

We spent the evening shopping. First at Kohls, where every "fall look" is on sale. ;-) (I still prefer Target.)
And then to the grocery store where fall baking ingredients were purchased. I'm planning on opening my HUGE can of pumpkin tomorrow. But anyway, these egg-rolls were a success and were gone in moments!

 We're now patiently waiting for the (1/2 whole grain) chocolate chip muffins to come out of the oven. It's hard to wait when dark chocolate is involved. ;-D Then we'll pair them with Caribou's Mahogany and have an evening of Agatha Christie. Haven't seen a good "modern" movie lately though. :-( . . . mostly because we've been too busy.

I think I'll get Caroline to post the muffin recipe afterwards if I don't get a chance. I love all of the different patterns in this picture she took today:

This pic is black and white of course but in real life the cat is exactly the color of the shoe-holder. I should know because I was in my closet getting some jewelry today and didn't even notice her until I heard purring. :-)



  1. Yeah, the egg-rolls were pretty good, but the muffins were even better (hee-hee;-)


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