En Route {Five Fact Friday}

1I'm en route to go home for the entire weekend!! Dad + Micaiah = travel companions......even though we each will end up at a different destination and won't see each other again until Sunday.

2Emmaline comes up with fascinating sentences for her Primary Language Lessons assignments.
Question: "What use is made of the cow's hide?"
Her Answer: "Under the hay in a barn."
Her explanation upon having her answers checked: "Where else would a cow hide??"


3Turquoise and coral look amazing together, no?
(sweater (Caroline's) = Stein Mart)
(shoes = Target <3)
(scarf = gift from violin students Jared and Judson M. (and from Jen.))
Far too cool for these shoes though, they will have to wait for spring.

4Several weeks ago I found that Joshua Bell would be back in the US during the next few weeks. Annnd when I found that he had Asheville NC of all places on his tour this weekend, I quickly snatched up the last two seats on the third row! I'm looking forward to being back in the Thomas Wolfe auditorium, and especially looking forward to finally seeing the violinist I have loved for years. Night out with Papa Joe. :-)

5The incredible pumpkin cream cheese-filled muffins being made at the bakery (idea via Starbucks only made to be 10x's more delicious) are completely pumpkin-less. :-) I found that out after I tried three different recipes and was disappointed with each result. "Of course they don't turn out well," the chef told me, "pumpkin is terrible for baking, use sweet potatoes like I do." It figures, I have always preferred sweet potato pie to pumpkin, and will difinitely be doing that for Thanksgiving. I have made sweet potato muffins once since and they were much better, but still not the same. -I'll keep trying though. ;-) Look for a recipe in the near future and no, tomorrow I will not go against pumpkin so far as to make a "Sweet Potato Cheesecake."
Sweet potatoes or pumpkin, which do you prefer? How do you enjoy them most?

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  1. pumpkin, I think. Those muffins look delish!


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