FFF {Five Fact Friday}

FFF = Five Fact Friday. FFF also = "Forced Family Fun" ;-D We've been having a lot of it around here. And yes, I'm aware that this post is very late. But hey, you have the whole weekend to read this.

1Dad can smoke a kickin' apple-wood Turkey.
Even when he waits until the last minute to buy apple wood chips and almost can't find them. Even when he realizes his meat thermometer has been wrong all morning and he may have burnt it. Even after he invested in a "nicer" meat thermometer.

2Micaiah turns 11 on Monday. We had a party for him Wednesday night. He requested a four-layer cake which Caroline provided.
 I'm going to go crazy if I get attacked with his blue lightsaber again.

3Lindsey is helped me think of these five things. :-) cousin + "sibling" + BFF

[Miss you girl!!]

4We went ice-skating today.

My siblings can skate. I can not.

5No one is allowed to mention the game mafia ever again. Even if it includes 10+ rounds complete with hot cocoa and a bonfire. No one.


  1. Was the ice skating fun even if you couldn't do it?

  2. Haha.. Yes it was fun. I was kidding, I should say my siblings can skate "well." :-) I can just skate.


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