>> Blog-mas // A Christmas Countdown

Bloggers, are you ready?!

Include as many pics as you like! The only rule so far is a 100 word minimum.
(by Kendall-)

Day 1: A Favorite Christmas Song/Carol

Day 2: A Christmas Recipe

Day 3: A Favorite Ornament

Day 4: FREE (post on whatever you want, though keeping it Christmas centered would be good)

Day 5Holiday/Winter Fashion (a Polyvore set, or just an outfit that you think is Christmas-y?)

Day 6: A Picture of Your Christmas Tree

Day 7: A Special/Funny Christmas Memory

Day 8: FREE

Day 9: Holiday DIY

Day 10: What Makes Christmas Christmas For You? (what makes it special, etc.)

Day 11: A Day of Christmas/Winter Quotes?

Day 12: Why We Ultimately Celebrate Christmas + Christmas Outfit of the Day

Here's a list of the girls I know joining in. Want to join us? Comment, and I'll add you. Ready, set, type!


  1. Thanks for adding me! one thing, I think I'm going to do it on my photography blog, more people to see it :)

  2. Is Day 5 really on Monday? By my calculations it's a Saturday.

  3. Oh, I just saw this. Yes, it was a Monday when Kendall was making the days. She realized she only needed fifteen though so she deleted some of them. I forgot to change that when I posted. I'll fix it right away.


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