>> Blog-mas Day 3 // A Favorite Ornament

I don't think I really have a favorite ornament. Our tree is different every year. There is always a color theme and usually a lot of "nature" type ornaments. This year, due to our turquoise house decor, we have a turquoise/green/silver tree. I really like the silver ones....because the majority of them are music related.

We're having a Christmas party tonight! Just a small gathering with a few friends from SEBTS.

(Target <3)

Caroline made these mouse truffles. Yikes! Aren't they way too realistic?!

Our cousins arrived today! They get to stay here until Saturday. So fun to see them again!


  1. Aww, those mice are cute! (but yes, a bit too realistic)

    Blogmas 2011 - Day 3: http://wp.me/px8N5-pV

  2. Oh that's so funny because I'm editing pictures that I took of the mice Karis and I made a couple of days ago :)


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