>> Blogmas Day 7 // A Special/Funny Christmas Memory

Hmmm....I know I have several, but it was pretty fun when I changed all the clocks in our house. On Christmas morning we're forced to stay in bed until a certain time. Since the clocks were set back some, that time was longer than usual. ;-D

I finished my Christmas shopping today! Well, I actually have two more gifts to buy but they're both online so I'm pretty much done. You may think this is sorta last-minute, but it's actually early for me. I've been known to buy quite a few gifts on Christmas Eve. The older sisters get, the harder they are to shop for! They're so picky...but then, so am I! ;-P Where do you do most of your Christmas shopping?

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  1. I remember you telling me this story. :-)

    Blogmas 2011 - Day 7: http://wp.me/px8N5-qD


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