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Where has January gone? One thing I was planning  to do the first few days of the month was a "Best Recipes of 2011" post. -Such a cliche. That and ship all my friends their Christmas presents. I haven't done either yet, so here are my top five picks from 2011. And if you're a close friend of mine and wondering why you were left off my gift list, don't worry! You should get something from me by March.

Love them! They're so easy to whip up when there're no chocolate chips in the house.

Absolutely my favorite Thai dish. This recipe turned out pretty authentic too. Although, unlike the cookies, this curry is not easy to whip up and you'll have to have layer after layer of ingredients.

Now this I would make at least once a year for a special holiday. Outstanding!
(via bhg.com)

Quick, easy, simple, delicious, healthy. What else can you ask for?


Not only a stunning combination of three popular holiday desserts, but also one of the best cheesecakes I've ever tasted!


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  1. Your shipping gifts dilemma sounds exactly what I'm doing to you right now...hehe. Oops. (I'll ship them soon, I promise!) :)


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