>> It's About Time // Five Fact Friday

1Since I don't have to work today, I get to do a Friday post!
>>Some of my co-workers have gone back to school which means that I get several extra hours for awhile. Although I love to be busy, tonight after school we'll have some time to relax and cook.<<


2I'm having trouble finding out what the attraction to Super Mario Bros is.
>>Sure, the levels are fun and challenging for the first, second, third, fourth, and possibly tenth time--but not the forty-seventh time. And then there's the screaming: A few days ago I was up in my room studying when I was startled by a series of loud screams. I thought something was seriously wrong until Emmaline came of the stairs yelling, "Micaiah and Caroline just opened Mario world six!"<<


3I <3 Charming Charlie
>>Like really, really <3 Charming Charlie. When I go I have trouble finding something I "don't" like. If you haven't shopped there yet, you should. If you don't have one near you come visit me in Raleigh and I'll take you there.<<

4Beethoven's D major violin concerto is what we've been listening to upstairs lately.
>>I have Janen's interpretation. The first movement is my favorite, the melody is so rich. The Mendelssohn is still currently my favorite concerto, but the Beethoven is a close runner-up.<<


5I'll be making this soon: Loveless's Key Lime-White Chocolate Cheesecake
>>If you're not craving it, you're crazy. So for those of you who aren't crazy, I'll be posting the recipe.<<


"Classic Southern Key lime pie gets a Nashville spin here, as it's morphed into a tangy cheesecake topped with white chocolate whipped cream, an irresistible combination that is very popular at the cafe. For the crust, we use crumbs from plain biscotti."

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  1. I love Beethoven and Mendelssohn concertos! Your so right about the melody being incredibly full and rich.
    Have a stupendous day!


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