Macaroni with Bleu Cheese

Or, this post could be entitled, How to Splurge on the Cals! :)

8 oz. elbow macaroni (or desired shape pasta, use whole wheat if you like)
2 T. butter
2 T. flour (all purpose or whole wheat baking flour)
1/8 t. pepper
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. cinnamon (opt.)
1/4 t. nutmeg (opt.)
1-1/2 c. milk
4 oz. bleu cheese, crumbled
4 oz. sharp cheddar, shredded
4 oz. mozzarella, shredded
>>Make it
 Cook macaroni according to package directions; drain. Meanwhile, for cheese sauce, in a large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Stir in flour, pepper, salt, and desired spices. Add milk all at once. Cook and stir until slightly thickened and bubbly. Add cheese, stirring until melted. Stir macaroni into cheese sauce in saucepan, stirring to coat. Cook over low heat for 2 to 3 minutes or until heated through, stirring frequently. Let stand for 10 minutes before serving. Makes 4 servings.

This turned out rather well. I love sharp cheeses, so I would probably add even more bleu cheese next time!


  1. Wow, cinnamon and nutmeg. I'll have to try that, I would never have put that in mac and cheese! And I'll switch the bleu to cheddar thankyouverymuch :)

    Dad's the only one who likes it : )

    1. I didn't used to like bleu cheese either, but it really makes the dish! Actually, you could sub the bleu with parm to keep it sharp. Bad news: my pic got deleted. Good news: I get to make this again to take another! :) Yeah, it's different with the spices, but it still tastes pretty "normal"....not exotic or anything :)


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