Ingenious Pinterest//Berries

Where did our inspiration come from before we invented Pinterest?
(Besides Mendelssohn, Agatha Christie, and Cheesecake of course.)

I joined a couple months ago, and have probably been on for a few  minutes (ahem) every day since. :) (Know the feeling?)

These are some of the ingenious snacks I have found using the superstar fruits,

method>>Dip them in Greek Yogurt and freeze!

method>>Stack them with brown rice cakes and whipped Greek Yogurt
method>>Stuff them with both dark and white chocolate chips!

This is what I mean by pinterest,
Hmmmm, can you relate?

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  1. WOW those berry recipes give a whole new meaning to fruit snacks!!! YUM! And I definitely LOL'd at your photo at the end- HAHA!


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